Yolanda Hayes

Sales Associate

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Through our diverse backgrounds and decades of experience, we were founded on ethical principles to serve communities far and abroad with their Real Estate needs. Trust, devotion, integrity, and reliability are just a few of the qualities we hold close to each purchase and sale.

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About Yolanda Hayes

Yolanda Hayes has been involved full-time in selling and marketing residential real estate for over 15 years. She is a REALTOR who combines her past profession of customer service management with her wealth of real estate expertise. Her knowledge and dedication has helped more than 1000 families successfully achieve home ownership.

Yolanda is known within the community for her group homebuyer education sessions that allows buyers to ask questions and gain knowledge about the home buying process without any obligations. Her goal is for all homebuyers to understand every aspect of the buying process to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. After leaving Cincinnati, Ohio in 2003 Yolanda quickly settled in North Carolina and obtained her real estate license.

Today, she is a wife of a college dean and a mother to her 4 legged furry daughter Gia. Yolanda is well known and loved by both her colleagues and clients for her integrity, loyalty and professionalism.

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